Nina Koleva



I am a make-up artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I specialize in beauty, fashion and bridal make up. My Bulgarian origins and experience in living abroad have widened my perspective and enriched my creativity and knowledge in the beauty industry. Well-versed in various make up techniques, I make sure the final look conveys an important message for a memorable event or fashion shoot.

 I believe make-up is the real-life magic wand we so often long for. Every face is unique, every feature has a meaning, every colour conjures up associations. Every day we can choose to look different and feel special and reflect that state of mind in our appearance. Whether it's a bride, a fashion model, a 16-year old princess or her mom, I gain an immense feeling of fulfillment from the sight of seeing my clients glowing with happiness and confident that they will be the center of attention.

Many people think the purpose of make-up is to cover up a certain aspect of their appearance. The truth is exactly the opposite: we use make-up to emphasise the natural beauty and discover the features that make you special.


Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is in you.