"My eye make up creases after a couple of hours." 
"My foundation looks like a mask.."
"How do I create the perfect cat eye?.. "
"Which shade of red lipstick suits me the most?.. "
"How do I achieve the no-make-up makeup?.. "
"I'd love to look healthy and glowing but not 'made up'.. "
"What can I do to bring my beautiful eyes out?.. "
"What kind of look is suitable for going to work/school?.. "
"What is the perfect shape for my eyebrows?.. "
"I'd love to have supermodel high cheeks.."
"That look looks gorgeous on my friend, how can I make it work for me as well?"
"What are do's & don'ts with false lashes?"

Any of these sound familiar? Want to learn how to look and feel your best, but don't have the time and energy to go to a specialist every time? Why not learn how to do it yourself! Get personalised advice and the answers to YOUR individual beauty questions! 

Get a one-on-one consultation and demonstration or join a group with a limited number of people and learn how to do the basics all by yourself, tailor-made for you.

Want to surprise a friend for her birthday and organise a beauty workshop in a relaxed atmosphere, with a glass of wine and in good company? 

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